Hey you sensitive & caring outsiders,

Want to truly connect with

people who'll really get you?


You're someone who is creative and values your relationships. Whether its with your loved one, kids, parents, friends, coworkers, boss, or students…

You also know what it’s like to feel disconnected, awkward and misunderstood by the world we live in, and even the people you care about most. Disconnection is one of the most difficult and painful experiences one can have.

Having relationships that are real, solid, satisfying, dynamic and fun not only prolongs our lives, but makes every moment we have to live richer and more meaningful.


So, why do some relationships work with such ease, while too many just settle, struggle, or die?

Of course, there are a lot of factors, but there is one which rests completely in your hands – your way of responding to the person in your life. No one got a manual when they were born on how to relate well. Because we all want to succeed at the relationship game -- throughout life -- we seek and discover some common sense rules. However, knowing something and acting well on it are two different things.

Our relationships only become truly dynamic and satisfying when we start to learn, practice, and master the art of truly connecting.

This is an area we, at Inspired Playback, are most passionate about and which we excel at: the art of truly connecting!  How do we do it so well? How can you also be able to get better and better at it?


  The 1-2-3 to be Truly Connecting


Cutting to the heart of the matter right away through a dynamic form of improv., called Playback Theatre… 


1. You experience directly what it is like to be truly seen and deeply heard in a genuine community of trust, at any of our live events.

2. You watch and learn the skills of the art in an engaging, safe, and fun way. You can do so on a drop-in basis or through a committed and consistent training.

3. You practice the skills with respectful support and genuine feedback to help you get better, as soon as you can.



"It's a place where you can share yourself and hear other people being authentic. And it's a beautiful community where you are allowed to be 100% you!"



     And who the hoot are we?

 In short, we're a collective of artists, dreamers, parents, teachers, helpers, and people,...

Yes, real folks with real feelings, interesting ideas, and lots of passion! We all share a desire to meet, to study, learn and practice the art of truly connecting in the biggest, busiest, and arguably loneliest city of Canada (Toronto).

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